Training Program

In Printed Dreams, due to our experience in additive manufacturing, we offer you a range of different courses oriented to non-professionals or to professionals that would like to get introduced to the 3D printing world or simply improve their skills. Our training program is divided in 3 areas:

  • 3D modeling courses

    Additive manufacturing requires computerized 3D models suitable for each machinery type. As experts in additive manufacturing, in Printed Dreams we offer 3D modeling courses oriented to 3D printing and its optimization.

  • 3D printing courses

    In order to obtain the best results, additive manufacturing requires some technical knowledges concerning materials and their different uses depending on the type of machinery used in manufacturing. In Printed Dreams we offer personalized 3D printing courses oriented to companies or unprofessionals in order to train them in the correct use and knowledge of the different types of tchnologies.

  • Technical courses

    Additive manufacturing requires a range of machinery with different machanical complexity. In Printed Dreams we offer courses oriented to learning about the different elements that compose 3D printers in order to make the most of what these can provide us.