As experts in additive manufacturing technology, in Printed Dreams we are willing to act as consultants in our best possible way to any kind of subject concerning 3D printing and it’s different uses inside a company. From the creation of a company in this sector to the insertion of these technologies in existing companies.

  • Introduction to additive manufacturing consultancy

    There are lots of manufacturing companies nowadays that are adding 3D modeling to their production chain. This speeds up a large number of manufacturing phases resulting in benefits of time and money. From Printed Dreams we can help you include additive manufacturing in your production chain with existing solutions in the market.

  • New applications consultancy

    Manufacturing processes are changing thanks to additive manufacturing. With our services you will be able to analize different business systems including 3D printing in your manufacturing phases with thorough studies of profitability and viability. Therefore you’l be able to gain an advantage next to your competitors that will permit you to expand your business.

  • Business consultancy

    As experts in manufacturing business, from Printed Dreams we can give you the best support to create your 3D printing business from scratch. We will advise you about all the different niche markets, entry barriers, opportunities and everything you need so that your business can thrive successfully.