Do you have problems converting your ideas to digital format? Don’t worry about having to model and create your ideas any more, Printed Dreams’s digitization service will fulfil that matter for you. We will transform your ideas to digital format and therefore get them ready for their transformation to physical format.

  • We 3D model any design, from a sketch on a paper or a 2D design to the adaptation of a 3D model so it’s ready for an adequate printing, optimizing time and material use for its posterior manufacturing.

  • We are able to digitize real objects and spaces, with our 3D scanning service you will be able to have any 3D model you need, from functional mechanical pieces, to people or achaeological objects.

Printed dreams’s digitization service is formed by a group of computer asisted design experts that use a range of different kinds of programs (CAD). Therefore we are able to create 3D models in different types of formats suitable for any kind of manufacturing machinery so you can reach.